Sunday, November 5, 2017


In this piece I worked with breaking up a scene on two panels of different sizes and different depths. In the foreground, I added a poem by Emily Dickinson and broke up the imagery with solid strips of handmade papers.

Up close with nature

In "Poised" I used a variety of handmade papers in the strip along the side and added some small circle stencils to give the feel of atmosphere or motion as the flower is in the act of opening up.
The leaf photo was abstract from the start with the reflections in the water surrounding it, so my filters worked to abstract it more and I added a quote from Camus at the bottom right to give further interest up close.

Two more with color blocks

I decided to add some texture or imagery to the areas of color in these, along with using leftover strips from previous collages. In "Coming Home Cows" I ghosted a cow onto the field of green and added a number stencil - evocative of number tags cows often wear in their ears. In "Golden Visitor" I overlaid a pine needle image on the green area and ghosted some of the circle pattern from the goldfinch photo on the brown rectangle.