Friday, August 14, 2015

Sharing - part two

This 9"H x 12"W collage uses a photo from a friend who has a business growing succulents. I liked the angles and colors in her photo and am pleased with how my strips of imagery add another component to the composition. I've entitled it "Diviner." A diviner uses a stick or divining rod to find water; I think it is clever that this little shallow-rooted plant found a home in a watering can.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


I recently met a young woman who has a business selling little succulent plants. She has some wonderful photos on her business site, and graciously shared two high resolution photos with me. This 14"H x 11"W collage is made from one of those photos.
See the original and her other photos at:

Sunday, June 21, 2015

In and Out

I made another collage of an interior scene this past week. My friend Linda had asked me to photograph the flowers at a party as she'd been told one of her ceramic vases was being used. I decided to take several photos as I liked the active tablecloth and the wall hanging in the background. I think it makes a nice intimate piece.
A young man I met recently posted a photograph on Facebook of a storm coming toward the family farm. I asked his permission to make a piece of art of the scene; the contrast of light and dark/ blue and gold was just too inviting!
The still life is 10x10 and the storm scene is 8x8, on cradled panel.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I decided to revisit some traditional collage techniques and made these two 5x5 collages on 2"-thick cradled panels. I used old ledger paper in the background, overlaid that with images on tracing paper and added pencil circles, stamped numbers and acrylic paint.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Still Life

I was struck by the lighting on a bouquet of tulips one late afternoon, so I took several photos from different angles. I settled on this shot,  cropped the image to a 12"x12" and got to work with experimenting with filters. I like how the table runner (made for me by Penny Schine Gold) makes such a beautiful pattern in the piece. I also enjoy that the bowl was a birthday gift from my friend Linda Sickmon, my late husband's sculpture is on the table in the background as well as a painting on the wall by Carol Steinberg. I've normally done landscapes with this collage technique and think I'll be doing more interiors in the future. Your thoughts??

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New Galleries

I now have work in The Pod in uptown Normal, IL; Main Gallery 404 in downtown Bloomington, IL: and Maggie Black Gallery in Galena, IL. I've made some new work to go in those galleries this winter and spring.
There's a scene from New Orleans, a winter midwestern landscape and 3 Galena views.

Can you make a collage of my son?

This collage features an image of Michael sitting on Devil's Tooth in Virginia. The photos at the left are of Michael at different ages doing active things. Embedded in the strips are text from the program and ticket to his West Point graduation, GI Joe army toys, camouflage, and other significant text.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Two moody blues pieces

I experimented with combining old photos with cloud photos for a couple moody pieces.


I made this as a Christmas gift for someone special. It is from a photo I took in Western Michigan; I made four variations of the photo and cut them into strips from 1/4" wide up to 2" wide to combine to form the scene.

3rd commission

This 16"H x 20"W piece was commissioned as a Christmas gift for a golfer.

2nd Commission

I completed this 12"H x 24"W commission in September 2014 for relatives. They now own three of my pieces that will go to their three children eventually. Sweet!


I received a wonderful commission from Campbell Steele Gallery in Marion, Iowa at the end of March 2014. A designer chose two 12x12s of mine hanging in the gallery and commissioned six new pieces. These will be installed at Mercy Medical Center, Hall Perrine Cancer Center, in Cedar Rapids.

Rowing gently down the stream

It's been an amazing year of grief and discovery since my husband died in February of 2014. I've neglected this blog and now need to document the art that I created in the last year as this blog serves as a great record for me.
In the first few weeks after Rob died, I started a commission. It was just what I needed - art therapy.  The piece was for a farmer who was retiring and he and his wife are driving the depicted vehicles. The original photo had a nondescript sky, so I added in a cloud photo. The pieces is 12"H x 36"W.