Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Adding more media to the mix

I had a realization a few weeks ago that the graphic designer in me was reticent to mess up those nice horizontal strips of imagery! So, I went back to a piece I'd "finished" a few days earlier and added acrylic paint to the grasses and in the road I daubed on texture gel with resin sand mixed with acrylic paint. If you click on the images to enlarge, you'll see in the bottom of the two that the grasses are more vibrant now and the gravel road has a gritty texture when you run your hand over it. :-)

Then I really went for it and added pieces of art paper and text from old books AT ANGLES (!) to the
bales and stubble in the field of the diptych below as well as strokes of paint. This wouldn't work for all subjects, but the straw bales were fun to layer up with fragments overlapping the strips going every which way. (detail at right)