Saturday, February 9, 2013


I've completed two commissions in the last several weeks - how fun! The first was a surprise birthday gift. The husband asked me to make a collage for his wife showing a sweeping scene in the Grand Canyon with several photos overlaying it from their two hiking/camping trips in the canyon. For the background, I used my method of building the scene out of strips of altered imagery. I did not alter the snapshot photos and used them as distinct rectangles. She was very happy with the gift and I'm pleased with how it turned out.
The second commission was to do a raven. I'd made a series of ravens in 2009 where I'd torn the prints of ravens and added art papers to build the scene. It was fun to go back to that method and realize my skills had changed and I had new ideas of how to work with the imagery. This raven will be paired with two other collages of mine; one has a lot of old ledger paper in it and the other has torn topo maps of Yellowstone overlaying a rocky scene in the park. The raven's feet are surrounded by topo map fragments and I overlaid the Latin name of the raven onto old ledger paper to tie this piece to the other two.