Monday, July 23, 2012

National Show and new work

I'd made two 18"H x 24"W pieces earlier this year to enter in a show in Cincinnati. The works weren't accepted for that show but I needed new work to enter in the 64 Arts national show in nearby Monmouth, so I entered them plus a Chicago scene. The juror was Eric Fischl, a prominent New York artist, who has an interesting project called "America Now and Here" and he wanted to tie that into the 64 Arts show. One of the categories was "America as Place" and he chose these scenes of Wyoming and Montana to be in the show! It opens August 31st.
America Now and Here -

The past two weekends I've worked on some new graffiti-enhanced train car images. I took the original photos while doing a rail yard tour here in Galesburg. I like how they could work as a pair with the yellow cars at the inner edges of the two works. These are 12"H x 24"W and I made the strips 3/8" wide instead of the 1/4" wide that I usually use for a 12"H piece. I think the wider strips work fine with this complex imagery; what do you think?