Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gallery Visit

My husband and I flew out to Scottsdale, Arizona last week and the first thing on the agenda was to deliver four collages to Xanadu Gallery. After unwrapping the art and checking out the new work in the gallery, we walked across the street to dine at a nice sidewalk cafe with the director of the gallery. While we were eating, the gallery owner sold one of my artworks that had been on display in the window! Nice start to a vacation!!! We went to the Celebration of Fine Art where 100 artists set up their art and create new work under big tents and are there from 10 to 6 every day for ten weeks. We also took several trips out into the desert and took a lot of new photos for my work. It was a really great trip. Tomorrow I'll start on a new piece - after I narrow down my subject choices!