Monday, October 31, 2011


I always give a piece of art to our local art centers when they're having fundraiser auctions. In the past, I've pulled one from my storage area... usually an older piece. This time I decided to make a new collage for the Taste of the Arts at nearby Monmouth's art center. I hope somebody falls in love with it and it raises $100 or more for the art center.

I snapped the original photo from the car when riding home from Chicago. I liked how the farm was such a small feature in the landscape with the middle ground in bright sunlight and the clouds so moody. In addition to altering the photo digitally and shredding the three alterations to piece together, I've added in some blue ledger paper, bits of text and some green art papers. It is 12"W x 6"H and is called "Unsettled."