Saturday, October 15, 2011

Art and the Economy

We had a steady flow of people during the three hours of our Art Happening. We were happy with how our art looked in a home with neutral wall colors and enjoyed receiving feedback on our new work. 
I was hoping to move out a lot of my remaining "early works" at very discounted prices but didn't think I'd sell any of my 2011 at gallery prices. To my surprise I sold one of my new pieces and only one discounted piece––to my stepdaughter (Thanks Amy)! The economy seems to have everyone holding tight and not making "discretionary" purchases. I should have put up a little Christmas tree to make people think of perhaps giving a unique holiday gift! So, I share with you some scenes from the event and two JPGs (below) showing the sale art (click to enlarge). If anyone stopping by my blog is interested in seeing one of these as a larger image, along with the size information, let me know!