Monday, August 15, 2011

Dwell in Possibility

My friend Linda gave me a magnet for birthday with that statement on it -- "Dwell in Possibility." I've been trying to move in that direction -- of what is possible -- rather than setting limits on myself.

In that spirit, I approached a gallery in Park City, Utah, about gallery representation... and was turned down.

I contacted a gallery in Iowa and the owner expressed interest in both my work and Rob's; we met with her a couple weeks ago and now we both have work hanging at Campbell-Steele Gallery in Marion, a suburb of Cedar Rapids.

I uploaded images to the website of Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona, to apply as an online Studio Artist (they sell your work online, you ship it to the buyer, the gallery sends you 80% of the sales price; if your work sells they MIGHT put your work in their downtown Scottsdale gallery). I received notice I'd been juried in and my work was now "live" on their site... then the owner contacted me, said he really liked my work and asked if I could send him 8 - 10 pieces by November to put in his gallery!!! The above piece was the second I've made for the November shipment AND it will be in Xanadu's 2-page ad in the October issue of American Art Collector Magazine.

Continuing to make art and dwelling in possibilities....