Sunday, March 27, 2011


My thoughts are turning toward a summer road trip west. After visiting our friend near Bozeman, Montana, we're planning to drive through the eastern edge of Idaho, down through Utah and over through Colorado. We'll take photos all along the way for me to use in my artwork, stop at some galleries to leave portfolios, and pick up some alabaster at a quarry in Ft. Collins for my husband, Rob, to carve.
In looking forward to spending some time in the western landscape, I worked on the 12" x 12" piece above. I've digitally altered a photo from Utah and added in some art papers and segments of text from a yellowed brochure from a western park. I told Rob I'd meant to work in some vertical strips in the left foreground and was musing about adding something and his response was, "No. That would ruin it. It's perfect the way it is." Well OK then!!!