Monday, January 3, 2011

First art of the new year!

Having been to Yellowstone National Park in three seasons, I have a number of photos of the Hoodoo rock formations – including some great angles from hiking around in them last fall. I decided to rough up a topo map with some of the same filters used on the rock photo, and I made prints of maps at small and large sizes so type is readable is some and becomes more of a texture in others (click on an image to see the map pieces larger). I tore out and applied pieces to the rock photo – covering more of the image than I have done in previous collages. I sent these images to an artist friend in Montana to get her feedback. I love her response to the bottom one of the two images: "As a climber...I love the angle of the rocks as it looks like I'm looking up at a great new route. The map is subtle and beautiful...offering various potential meanings and depth to the piece."