Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pieces and Layers

After winning the GALEX Purchase Prize, I was musing about the raven work and remembering how fun it was to build the "ground" out of pieces of topo map. So... I decided to make some work where I pieced together entire landscapes using three different prints of the same image with several Photoshop filters applied to it – altering the look and brightness/darkness. First I made one wrapped around canvas of a hillside in Montana – "Blank Space in History." The second one I made by adhering canvas to wood panel and adding squares and rectangles of canvas on top of that in the foreground before adding the torn images of the hay bales – "After the Storm." The third one has a layer of canvas on panel, another layer of the Pikes Peak mountain shape, and more canvas pieces where the trees are – "Obscured by Clouds." The "lumpy layers" of canvas on the two panel ones show up when viewed at an angle or the light hits them – the mountain shape really shows up then! Click on the images to see them bigger; comments appreciated!