Monday, November 16, 2009

Three Ravens

I made the previously posted raven with the red string for my friend Linda for her birthday. I really enjoyed working with that image, so I decided to make three more collages using the same bird photo. I placed the raven in various settings and ran different filters on the image in Photoshop to give the feathers subtle texture changes. The collages are all on 11 x 14 canvas and are titled "Raven's connection" (with the ribbon), "Raven's gift" (with the flower) and "Raven's invitation" (with the stick - an invitation to come play). I'm going to hang these three – plus two landscapes and three spiral pieces – at Q's Cafe in downtown Galesburg. The owners have expanded the cafe and have asked five artists to hang work in the new dining area. The work will be for sale and we can change it out for new work when we want.