Sunday, November 1, 2009

Red String of Fate

In our last art group gathering, we all brought items to combine and make an assemblage together. Linda brought red string and talked about Asian stories of red string connecting people destined to be together. I decided to add a red string to this raven photo to combine the string folklore with a bird who has a lot of folklore associated with it.

My husband took this photo of a raven on a road in Yellowstone. I ran the poster edges filter on the picture in Photoshop and then "painted" a light blue across the top at 15% opacity. I then added light brown to the area around the raven. After I'd attached the print to the cradle board with matte medium, I decided the brown was too light and added a light wash of brown acrylic paint. I layered up art papers and tissue papers for the shadow and ground textures.