Sunday, September 13, 2009

Great day in the park!

Art in the Park was a beautiful day with temps around 80 degrees, nice breeze, vintage Stearman airplanes flying overhead from the annual National Stearman Fly-In, great live jazz music and a steady stream of people. I had fun visiting with people about my art; I sold 14 pieces (and was asked to do 3 commission pieces) and was awarded the Best in 2-D Art prize!! Some of my favorite "sales stories" are: Sara – a new mother – bought a 4"x4" collage for her baby daughter and said "this is Maya's first artwork"... seeing Annette – a cafe owner who had a food stand in the park – standing in front of me, out of breath, holding a collage in one hand, money in the other saying "I walked as fast as I could back to our booth to get my money and as I speed-walked back, I kept thinking 'I hope nobody bought it yet, I hope nobody bought it yet'"... a young woman looking intently at the piece entitled "Marsh Gas" that had a page out of a science book listing formulas for marsh gas, meconic acid, meconidine, melamine, etc. exclaiming, "Mom, this is what I do!" and then buying the piece to hang in her office in Nebraska where she works testing things like marsh gas!! 
I'm posting a photo of my booth in the park and a photo of the small pieces still for sale. I plan to take some of them to the Galesburg Civic Art Center gift shop and to Dove Tail Arts in the Seminary Street shopping district. I think I'll wait until October to do that, so if you see any you'd like to know the price on, send me an e-mail