Saturday, July 4, 2009


Thinking today about the amazing group of people I have in my life and call my friends...
... I made the above 6x6x2 collage yesterday, in part because I wanted to try the grid/quilt experiment again after the 4x4 from last week, but also in response to reading my friend Penny's blog about improvisational quilting. She had posted about reading a "collection of essays by the composer Roger Sessions, Questions about Music.....The book includes two essays on composing; lots of analogies to the process of creating a work of art. For example, he talks about a composition being built on element of association and contrast. I tend to be drawn to fabrics closely associated with each other, and have to push myself to bring in the element of contrast of value and hue." I, too, had noticed the similarities in making music and art and wanted to make another piece that had a quilt feel, included music, and maybe a hint of a conversation about their associations. I'm calling the piece "44 notes."
... I set up my booth with over 20 small collages at the Seminary Street event last night. I received a lot of good feedback, but it seemed to be a crowd intent on trying the free food and drink samples, enjoying the music and looking at the art – not buying. I held one piece back for a potential buyer, and was feeling rather deflated by the whole experience. But, then good friends helped dismantle and pack up the booth and invited us over for a drink and snacks and lightened my mood (same dear friends who bought two collages from me last week!). My dear friend in Montana called this morning to give me a pep talk (same friend who asked me to send collages out for her to take to a couple Montana galleries on my behalf!).
... So, with inspiration, encouragement and support from my friends and husband, I'll keep making art and finding the right avenues to show and sell it so that I can continue following my bliss. Thank you.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Grid revisited

I thought I should have a few more little collages for the First Friday event, so I made this 4"x4" canvas with a grid of images. I really enjoyed making this and might have to do another!