Saturday, June 27, 2009


These showcase four 1899 photos of Victorian homes that are still single-family residences in Galesburg, Illinois.


I've been working on a series of small 4x6 collages featuring photos from my town's history. Several reasons for that: 1.) I like the nostalgia for times gone by that old photos elicit, 2.) I'm supposed to have art on display/for sale as part of a "First Fridays" event downtown on July 3rd, and 3.) I've been wanting to make notecards out of some of my art and thought this theme would appeal. I've placed the scans of photos onto images I had of faded papers and added typewriter type describing the photos. I've wrapped those laser prints around canvases (these are a half inch thick and the ones I'll upload of old houses are 1.5 inch-thick canvases) and layered other papers for color. Click on the photo to see the art bigger.