Monday, April 6, 2009


I'm still processing the visual stimulation from vacation and made the collage on the left using photos from the seawall at Galveston Island and segments from a map in a book on aquarium fish origins!
The smaller one is a gift for my aunt's 75th birthday, and with it, I'm still processing my mother's death from a year ago. I set up two photos of my aunt, my mom and their older sister with a nest & egg I found on my mom's porch, all resting on handmade paper with leaves and flowers in it. I photographed that scene and ran out a laser print to make the base layer of the collage. On top of that are silk leaves, stamps (the sisters all collected stamps), a dried violet (thanks Wendy!), and other handmade papers. I'm going to tell my aunt that the piece is a tribute to the love of nature their mother instilled in them, and the nest in particular is symbolic of my mom who found it AND that my aunt was the last egg to hatch in her family AND that she is the last "chick" left of the three sisters.