Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thanks Penny!

This winter I met Penny Zim at Inner Wisdom -- one of my favorite Galesburg stores (check out their new website my hubby and I developed at Recently, Penny graciously left a big bag of 1920's era photos at the store for me to see if I could use any of them in my work. WOW! This weekend I made two pieces (yet to be framed). One has photos of Roy Knabenshue's airship over a Chicago amusement park in 1915; I found more photos online of the airship and its shed that were much like the photos in Penny's album! The second piece has two photos of people leaving on a seaplane. My next Art Floozies meeting is in a few weeks and we're all making something with the theme of "gifts from the sea" so my "Two if by Sea" collage might be what I take to that....

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Art Floozy

I meet with a group of four other women every 4-6 weeks, and we call ourselves the Art Floozies. There are three potters, a glass blower, and me. We put ideas on scraps of paper in a clay pot, then we draw out an idea each meeting for the topic for next time. We've made art with the concept of "spiraling"... we've brought misc. things to put in the center of the table to pick from and then made art with some of those items to bring to the next meeting ... we've made something that reveals an aspect of our personality. This month we brought boxes, TP tubes, pictures from magazines, buttons, jewelry, etc. in order to PLAY together and make powerful women totems. Unfortunately, two of our members couldn't make it Friday, but the three of us who did had a BLAST! Mine is the one on the left, Mary's is the middle one, and Linda's is on the right.