Thursday, January 15, 2009

View-Master revisited

Someone recently commented on how much they liked my View-Master collages I'd done a few years ago. I decided to do another one -- but on a wrapped canvas this time instead of in a frame. I took a photograph of a View-Master reel of Bryce Canyon in Utah on top of a Utah map with prints of 3 photos I had taken when visiting Bryce Canyon. I added a print of rectangular pieces of sky and clouds that I pieced together and art papers that were the colors of the Bryce landscape. As a finishing touch, I attached the actual View-Master reel to the canvas next to the photo of it.

Women's art show

The Venus Envy Quad Cities is having its fifth annual celebration of women's creativity May 2-22, 2009. During the opening on the 2nd, they feature women's music, dance, theatre, visual arts, multimedia installations, written and spoken word. The visual arts are then on display for the rest of the month. I've had work accepted into the show the last two years, so I plan to submit a few works again this year. I made this one yesterday (my computer was in the shop so I just went to my collage studio!) and think I'll include it.

Improvisations as Triptych

I decided to make a third panel with the African fabric and enter this as a triptych in the Venus Envy Show in the Quad Cities. What do you think of it as a threesome??

Monday, January 12, 2009

Snow Day

We're hard at work in the graphic design studio today, but our dogs have been enjoying the afternoon's snowfall. mmmmmmm - snowcones!