Thursday, May 30, 2019

Outside In

After bringing in daffodils and jonquils from my wooded backyard this spring to enjoy, I decided to photograph one of the vases and make art from it. In this 14"H x 11"W x 1.5" deep piece, I combined the cut out strips from three variations of the original photo with handmade papers and text from an 1864 accounting ledger from a textile mill.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Spring's First Gifts

This piece was inspired by all the varieties of daffodils and narcissus that sprang up in the wooded backyard of my new home. I used my invented process of filtering my photos and cutting them into strips and then added little pieces of shredded $1000 bills in the leaf litter areas (bottom detail shot shows some of the currency). The two smaller panels are 1.5" deep and the middle one is .75" deep. The panels are attached and hang as one artwork.

Monday, April 29, 2019

You're Invited to the Lake!

I titled this 24"H x 18"W piece "Beckoning" as the stairs feel like an invitation to come down to the lake. I made three digital alterations of this scene in Michigan, tiled out 18 sheets of legal paper and cut them all into 1/4" strips and combined those with text and handmade paper. I felt like the trees on the left needed something more to activate the dark green shapes; the answer was found at the Michigan Banker's Conference I was attending with my husband. The gentlemen at the  Federal Reserve booth gave me little bags of shredded $1000 bills... so of course I used them in my art!!! I guess I've made a "money tree"!

My friend Rae took the original photo, so when she saw the finished collage she said she had to buy it. I told her I wanted to have it for my Michigan show in August/September, and then she can "take possession" of the art.  :-)  The first photo is of the finished collage (on 2" deep cradled panel) and the 2nd and 3rd photos are detail shots showing the text and the shredded currency.

Friday, March 29, 2019

2 more for my Michigan show

Grand Haven, MI has an iconic lighthouse and pier, so I made this 16"x16" collage for my August-September show in that town. I made the sky more active by weaving in some vertical strips of paper. The squirrel is 8"x8" and the area around the tree hole is mounded up... and includes some text.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Walk in the woods anyone?

In this piece, I'm trying to evoke the memory of walking in the woods on a crisp autumn day. I've added in handmade papers of gold and green to the foliage, and some railroad distance map fragments in the rocks. 12"H x 9"W.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Feeling Beach-y

Combating winter cold by making beach art! I made a 12"x9" collage from a photo of collected shells, adding in ledger paper and handmade paper surf. The cormorant is also 12"x9" and incorporates some yellowed ledger paper and weaving in of vertical strips in the bottom right corner.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Coping with wintery weather

Coping with the Polar Vortex by working on images of hiking and time at the beach!

I like how the eye-flow in the hiking scene is up the boardwalk to the hiker. Hopefully it is inviting to the viewer to think about being on this quiet path in the autumn woods. 12" x 9" with a few pieces of text and some handmade papers added into the strips of imagery that make up the scene.

The beach scene is 12" x 12" and has pieces of old ledger paper and colored pencil added to the paper

strips of imagery.