Saturday, March 1, 2014

New method - success

I made this piece in a new method. I used three different widths of imagery strips to build the scene and I think it conveys a lot more movement and depth. I entered it in our local art center's national juried show and it was chosen - nice affirmation for a new approach!! It will be in the GALEX 48 March 15 - April 12 at the Galesburg Civic Art Center.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Airport Gallery Show

Here are a few photos from the group show I'm in through February at the Quad City International Airport Gallery. The other two artists are Susan Kennicott, painter, and Judy Bales, sculptor.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Winter of Art

Who knew winter could be a busy time for art?
- I have two pieces in a "Snow Show" downtown Galesburg at The Beanhive.
- I'm in a group show with two other women at the Quad City International Airport Gallery Jan-Feb (photos to come).
- I will be in a show of 8 local women artists at our community college (Jan-March).

Below are the six 8"x8" pieces I made for that "Women's Work" show. I did a "mash up" of leftover strips from landscape collages and engravings from 1890's issues of "The Graphic" - a London weekly magazine. I used women's names from my family for the title and had fun with long titles, too.

From the top, the titles are:
"Marie is unaware that Edgar has been forked by Beechums"
"Ursula has had it with this little game" (not a family name)
"Elizabeth is tempted to discourage Nigel's little adventure"
"Alma just can't get enough Salt Regal"
"Irene has never been one to be cautious"
"Mildred's children behave so much better after they've had their cocoa"

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Art Wall

Our friend in Montana had three pieces of my art on her dining room wall, but realized it wasn't "holding the wall" and asked if a 24" x 24" collage of mine was still available. We arranged for her to pick it up when in Illinois this October... and then I emailed her several panoramas I'd taken while visiting her in Montana this summer. She asked if I could make a 70" wide panorama to hang above the other four pieces of art! It certainly was the largest piece I've ever made, so I was very happy that she was able to drive both pieces home with her. She sent a photo today of the end of her dining room; my  5 pieces hang on the wall and my husband's metal mountains and Italian alabaster sculpture grace the cabinet below. Love it!

Sunday, November 3, 2013


I delivered these six pieces to Campbell Steele Gallery in Marion, Iowa, on October 18th for the Kirkland Community College. You gotta love a growing campus that devotes 1% of construction monies toward the purchase of art!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Collage class - weeks 3 and 4

In Week 3 of my collage class, we found imagery and printed it on tracing paper. This week's assignment was to make layered collages using the tracing paper imagery as the 2nd of several layers. These are all 4" x 5".

Thursday, September 26, 2013

New gallery

I left some notecards with my collage imagery printed on them at The Danforth Gallery in Livingston, Montana, in July. They've sold a couple of the cards, and I finally had some time to make a couple of small collages to send out for their gift shop. These are both 8"x 8" and are Montana scenes.